Adequate good nutrition is essential for mental well-being, work performance, and general health. However, in daily life, eating well is not easy. Indeed, we often have too little time, especially at work. The goal of HBIS meal service is to ensure that everyone, wherever they are, has access to healthy food. We have developed products that are able to respond to different needs and requirements in terms of both nutrition and taste.


Taking human health as a development orientation, HBIS understands that with the current situation of dirty food increasing, consumers are very confused and afraid. Therefore, all ingredients processed at HBIS meet food hygiene and safety standards.

Food sources when imported to HBIS must be fresh, provided by reputable food suppliers approved by HBIS.

All foods in the meals provided by HBIS are strictly censored from the selection of raw materials before being processed into dishes to ensure that they fully meet hygiene and safety standards food.

For vegetables and fruits: Peeled, cut the root, washed and soaked in salt water with low concentration or treated with an ozone machine (if any) to disinfect, clean and sanitize to ensure safety.

For food: Washed, preliminarily processed and stored at a suitable temperature (Stored in industrial refrigerators).

For spices, dry goods: Imported to check are classified and preserved according to each area and location in the warehouse.


A safe meal is a clean and safe food that does not contain substances that affect human health.

Safe food is food with a clear origin and certified by a competent authority on the issue to ensure food hygiene and safety.

Therefore, to regularly maintain hygiene and safety for meals, HBIS strictly monitors the food supply, must ensure that the food is under quality control, with clear invoices and documents.

When importing goods, we carefully check the quality as well as the quantity of the goods.

Check by observation through color, smell and external manifestations. As for food, it must be fresh, raw, not stale, without strange odors; For vegetables and fruits, they must be fresh and not wilt or wilt. For spices and dried goods, their origin must be clear, their expiry date must be clear, they must not be moldy, and they must not be caught by flies.

Make a record and return to the supplier the unsatisfactory goods.


Meals are cooked with a safe, closed process, we are committed to bringing clean meals to users.

The one-way principle is one of the mandatory elements, in order to prevent and minimize the risk of confusion, accumulation of dirt and contamination on food, avoiding overlap in the stages of cooking, serving and avoiding collisions between raw food and cooked food to ensure the quality of the food and maintain daily hygiene.

Accordingly, from the input of input materials (for processing, cooking, etc.) to the preliminary processing, storage, preparation, distribution, serving, and cleaning up of food, HBIS follows a one-way approach. Raw foods and cooked foods should not be mixed.

The fact that HBIS adheres to the one-way principle not only ensures food safety but also helps kitchen staff not be hindered by each other during the working process.


Kitchen - stainless steel kitchen equipment is scientifically designed and installed according to modern and industrial standards to process food, cook delicious and nutritious dishes and serve the high eating needs of guests.

HBIS kitchen equipment also needs to be carefully selected, using genuine, quality brands with high productivity, stable operation and above all, it must be easy to clean, unaffected by bacteria, dust or harmful agents from the outside environment, ensuring food safety and hygiene.